Scientific Analysis and Visualization of the Environment

The SAVE Program (Scientific Analysis and Visualization of the Environment) was created in 1989 at the request of Silicon Graphics principal engineers,with a charter of aiding scientists in environmental research through the use of Silicon Graphics technology. The Maui S.A.V.E. Program was incubated in 1995 at MHPCC on the Island of Maui originally a joint development between Maui High Performance Computing Center, Silicon Graphics Computers and Maui S.A.V.E. Program. Running an SGI Indigo workstation as a web server on MHPCC’s T-3 Internet feed we launched nko.mhpcc.edu later branded as the three letter domain https://nko.org. We chose the abbreviation NKO to reference the Hawaiian term NO KA OI meaning the best “Maui NO KA OI” means Maui is the Best and after 30 years I can verify “Maui NO KA OI” Maui is the best. NKO.ORG is committed to promoting sustainable technologies with the goal of establishing Maui Hawaii as the environmental science and peace center of the world through educating the public with its media production and distribution on topics ranging from peace, environment, health, Hawaiian culture and spreading aloha worldwide.
NKO.ORG  showcases many fantastic adventures and fortunate encounters on Maui with distinguished science/environmentalists &  Hawaiian cultural specialists.  The Maui S.A.V.E. Program continues today using Macintosh systems, no longer utilizing SGI hardware and software.  Capabilities include setup of wireless 4GLTE  broadband hotspots, Hurricane tracking, live video conferencing and online monitoring of environmental disasters in Hawaii. We use Sony video cameras in our field work for capture.