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Click any entry or Read More to open the full post. Specifically the Maui Scientific Analysis & Visualization of the Environment program  blog entries are found here. This area of our website features a wide varieties of educational blog posts.   Topics concerning the environment with some potential concerns to Maui, Hawaii which are date dependent are listed here from the most recent to the earliest posts. Some specific examples of blog posts relate to storm tracking including visualization and analysis of large, memory-intensive gridded data sets such as the National Hurricane Center’s wind speed probabilities. Tropical Storms and Hurricanes that originate in the Pacific Basin are of primary interest and can have a devastating impact on Maui, Hawaii if the public do not take necessary precautions to be ready for storm arrivals. Topics posted here may include technology related news such as green energy related examples include solar and  wind power.  Concerns with protecting our fragile ecosystem are  of paramount importance since Hawaii has been considered the endangered species capitol of the world due to the high number of unique species that have evolved here are are currently threatened with extinction.


Aloha + Challenge Hawaii

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The Aloha+ Challenge is a statewide commitment to achieve six interconnected sustainability goals for 2030, and is recognized as a localized framework for the global United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. With its temperate weather and vibrant coral reefs, it’s no … Read More

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