The island of Maui is not only unique in the Hawaiian islands, it is unique in the world. More species of native plants and animals face extinction here in Hawaii than any where else on the planet, and some occur only on the island of Maui. This page is designed to support environmentalists locate resources.

3-D Wind Vectors Over Maui
WWF toxic chemicals a threat to wildlife and humans
Ask an Earth-Scientist
Bioneers Kahoolawe VRML 2.0 Restoration R&D
Bullletin of the Atomic Scientists
Canoe Plants of Ancient Hawaii
Coral Reef Alliance
The Earth Charter Initiative
Ecosoul – Education, Environment, Energy
Eugene P. Dashiell, Planning Services
Design Earth Synergy
Earth Communications Office
Earth Island Institute
Earthjustice Hawaii Regional Office
Earthships: an Interactive Explanation
East maui Animal Refuge
East Maui Watershed Management and Research
Essential Information- founded by Ralph Nader
ETC group Action Group on Erosion, Technology & Concentration
Endangered Species: Honu, the Hawaiian Sea Turtle
Environmental Defense
Environmental Research Foundation
Envirolink Network – World’s largest online environmental network.
Filmmakers for Conservation
Findhorn Foundation Home Page
Flouride Action Network
GMO Free Hawai’i
GMO Free Kaui’i
GMO Free Maui
Hawai`i Chapter of the Sierra Club
Hawai’i Genetic Engineering Action Network
Hawaii’s Endangered and Threatened Species:Bishop Museum
Hawaiian Reforestation Program
Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanct.
Hana Cultural Center
Haleakala National Park
Haleakala National Park Research Office NBS
Hawaiian Natural Resources Monitoring Database
Information Center for the Environment
ICBUW International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons
Institute of Global Communications
JASON Project
The Jellyfish Page
Kaelepulu Pond
Kahea The Hawaiian Environmental Alliance
League of Conservation Voters
Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics
Leonardo DiCaprio : -Eco Site
Dr. John Lilly’s Home Page
Macaulay Library
Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project
Maui Tomorrow
Maui Windsurfing Report
Millennium Project, United Nations University
Mission to Planet Earth
Monsanto VS Schmeiser the classic David & Goliath struggle
Natural Resources Defence Council
New Civilization Network
Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Program
Ocean Classrooms
Ocean Futures Society
Oceani Project
Our Environment Online Magazine (Maui)
Pacific Disaster Center
Physicians for Social Responsability
Pacific Primate Sanctuary
Rainforest Action Network
Research Foundation for Science Technology & Ecology
Save Our Seas
SEDAC-Model Visualization and Analysis Service
Sunshine Project facts about biological weapons
Strangers In Paradise
Snaffle Up – the recycling web site designed to keep useful items out of landfill.
Surfer Resources
Surfrider Online
UC Toxic Substances Research and Teaching Program
Union of Concerned Scientists
US Fish & Wildlife Service Pacific Region
Virtual Community Center
VoiceYourself transforming the world together
Volcano World 
The Whale Watcher Expert System
Whale Watching Web
Wildscreen Trust International Charity

Remote Sensing

ARGUS Global Data Telemetry and Geo-positioning Services
Advanced Telemetry Systems Australia
Coastal Geology University of Hawaii SOEST Dept of Geology & Geophysics
A Dynamic GIS Interface
Ecology Society of America global data repository
End to End Problems & Solutions in EOSDIS
Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc
USGS- National Center for Earth Resources Observation & Science
Haleakala Crater live camera view
Haleakala Observatories
Hawaii GIS Data Download
Interactive Weather Browser
Live from Haleakala
Maui Space Surveillance System
Maui Weather Today
Mees Observatory Home Page
Nasa’s Earth Observatory
NASA’s Visable Earth Views the World
TERRA Flagship of NASA’s (EOS) Earth Observing System
NASA J-Track 3-D database of over 500 satellites.
NASA solar system simulator
NSF Geosciences UNIDATA Integrated Earth Info. Server
Space Environment Center
Tachi Lab Virtual Reality and Telexistence
The Tele-Garden
University of Hawaii Meteorology
The University of Hawaii Sea Level Center
VOG Measurement and Prediction VMAP | VOG Model
Whale Songs live on the Internet.