Keynote Address 6th Space Traffic Management Conference

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T.S.Kelso presented keynote address at the 6th Space Traffic Management Conference, Austin, TX, 2020 

Please Find T.S.Kelso’s presentation here

Paul G. Hugel’s commentary on importance of space environment. Most people today when you speak about our environment think in terms of terrestrial concerns of land, sea, ice. Climate change is on everybody’s mind but our environmental concerns in the 21st century have extended beyond mere terrestrial concerns with the advent of rocket launches, satellites monitoring both Earth and the cosmos. Almost every human being somehow depends on the responsible management of orbital space. There is so much technology we depend on daily that is space based. Many common everyday services such as weather forecastingremote sensingGPSsystems, satellite television, and some long-distance communications systems critically rely on space infrastructure. Space Tracking Management abbreviated (STM) . Space traffic management is defined by the International Academy of Astronautics(IAA) as “the set of technical and regulatory provisions for promoting safe access into outer space, operations in outer space and return from outer space to Earth free from physical or radio-frequency interference.”

View T.S. Kelso’s Keynote Address at Clestrak

View of Low Earth Orbit assets from space above Maui, Hawaii
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