In 1992 I was involved with a Maui local camera shop and film processing retail shop Roy’s Camera.

Kodak had begun offering the service to digitize 35mm negative film strips and slides into Kodak Gold Photo CD’s.

I have had an interest in environmental conservation efforts in Maui and wanted to help establish Maui become the environmental sciences center of the world.

Many people would bring there undeveloped film in to make prints and few had accepted my recommendations to compliment their prints with a Photo CD.

Several people who came into the store for prints had extremely valuable data which warranted archival with the highest quality longest lasting media so  I offered to pay and they agreed to allow me to produce a  Photo CD’s for educational purposes.

Here is one such archive displayed featuring Marine Mammal conservation efforts and output at medium JPEG quality for Internet viewing.

  • Marine Mamal Digital Archive Digitize 35mm filmstrips
  • Photo CD Disc Processing Kodak Gold Master Photo CD
  • Archivist Paul Garrett Hugel
  • Project Year 1992