Rapid Method to Evaluate Pre-Travel Programs for COVID-19

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A Study in Maui, Hawaii

As a volunteer member of The Medical Reserve Corps late 2020 I collaborated with The Maui District Health Office (Department of Health) under the guidance of Dr. Lorren Pang on a Post Arrival COVID-19 research project soliciting for volunteers to take a free COVID-19 test at Kahului Airport. I explained to the participants that the study results would in no way impact their ability to fly since results were not generated for at least one week from the sample collection date. I also made sure that participants had at least 20-30 minutes before their flight was leaving.

Between November 20-30, 2020 at five departure gates in Maui Kahului airport. Individuals were invited to participate if they had a primary residence outside of Hawaii, traveled from a location other than Hawaii, had a negative pre-travel PCR test 72 hours before departure, and stayed in Hawaii for up to 14 days. Participants were recruited in an active, sequential manner, and participation was limited to one person per household or travel group. Persons who had a primary residence in Hawaii or stayed greater than 14 days were excluded. Individuals who were interested but had inadequate time before boarding were also excluded. I kept a log of my excluded participants under various rejection categories. Study participants answered a brief survey with mandatory questions (state of residency and any locations visited 14 days prior to Hawaii) and several optional questions for contact tracing, including lodging, restaurants and any COVID-19 symptoms.

To read the full research paper at MedRxv follow link

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In 1995 At Maui High Performance Computing Center The Maui Scientific Analysis & Visualization of the Environment Program was first incubated. I was the principal investigator of this independant research project which was a joint development between MHPCC, Silicon Graphics Computers (SGI) & NKO.ORG. Using SGI Cosmo Worlds software, we pioneered the development of Internet based 3D virtual reality GIS based interactive worlds. In 1996 with a network of seven high performance SGI workstations we pioneered development of live streaming MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, Real Video and QuickTime Streaming Server utilizing Kassenna MediaBase software. In Maui 2002 we pioneered and tested the first wireless live streaming video using laptop computers and Maui Sky Fiber's portable 3G wireless device. In Maui we pioneered live streaming video using usb modems from AT&T , Verizon as well as live streaming from iPhone 3 over 3G wireless networks. Today The Maui S.A.V.E. Program has diversified into storm tracking including visualization and analysis of large, memory-intensive gridded data sets such as the National Hurricane Center's wind speed probabilities. I volunteer my services to numerous Disaster Services Organizations. In June 2013 I returned from Hurricane Sandy deployment as a computer operations service associate with the Disaster Services Technology Group assisting as The American Red Cross migrated from a Disaster Response Operation to Long Term Recovery Operations. Pioneering the production/editing and Internet distribution of HD video to sites like Youtube.com and Vimeo.com we are shining the light towards environmental and peace efforts of humans across the globe. Since 1992 I have held the vision of establishing Maui, Hawaii as the environmental sciences center of the world. After His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet came to Maui This vision has expanded to establishing Maui as the environmental & peace center of the world.

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